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How's Work?

7 Lies About Work and What Actually Works

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Do you also get annoyed by all the fluffy talk from keynote speakers who come on stage to tell you how things should be at work?

Do you get nervous by the empty words of politicians and the pessimism of psychiatrists who thrive on poor well-being in the world?

Well, Isabel De Clercq does. She believes it's time to push back. She dismantles 7 clichés about work. 7 lies that we swallow without question.

  • The 4-day workweek solves all problems.

  • Follow your passion, and you'll never have to work again.

  • Want more focus? Don't be distracted by jumping rabbits.

  • I'm a blue introverted INFP.

  • Innovation happens at the coffee machine, not gossip.

  • Feedback is a gift.

  • As a woman, I really need more time for myself.

In her new keynote How’s work Isabel De Clercq plays with different tones: she will make you laugh with all those empty phrases flourishing on LinkedIn and in the office. But at the same time, she is dead serious: Isabel serves up crucial insights that offer you an honest look at work, the office, and collaborating with people. Nuanced perspectives, far from the hype and backed by scientific research.

After this keynote, you won't fall for empty phrases and easy recipes anymore. Instead, you'll be eager to delve into 7 fresh perspectives: enlightening concepts to assist you in your quest for a healthy and sustainable relationship with your work.

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Meet Isabel! She graduated in Romance Philology and after a career at the University Language Centre of Ghent University and Wolters Kluwer Belgium, she has now become a sought-after keynote speaker and consultant. 

Isabel specializes in advising companies on their quest for sustainable work practices, disseminating her expertise through books, blogs, and podcasts.

With a wealth of fresh perspectives, she's poised to revolutionize your approach to productivity in the hybrid workplace. Drawing on the latest research, Isabel adeptly bridges the gap between theory and practice, transforming scientific insights into actionable steps. Her approach is a breath of fresh air, injecting positivity into every step of your journey.

Isabel's charisma extends beyond the stage. With a robust workshop background, she understands that the strategies advocated by the world's organizational gurus often clash with the complexities of real-world scenarios. Leveraging her extensive experience, Isabel translates even the loftiest ideals into practical steps tailored to our daily reality.

Isabel De Clercq is passionate about the pursuit of good and sustainable work practices. She believes in the pivotal role played by what she terms the Holy Trinity: the individual taking responsibility for their own happiness, teams establishing effective agreements for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, and organizations unequivocally embracing leadership and focus time.

Expect a captivating storyline, firmly grounded in scientific research and always translated into the everyday reality of organizations. Audience members not only leave energized but also armed with a checklist of tips & tricks and a questionnaire to further their engagement.

Isabel De Clercq

Author and speaker passionate about the pursuit of good and sustainable work practices

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