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Has the future caught up with us

Imagine and create your own future

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In these times of ever-faster innovation, the impact on us as human beings and on the future of work is often overwhelming.  

In this often provocative keynote, Katja Schipperheijn looks at the future that already seems to have caught up with us. Often inspired by the more than 15,000 children she had in her workshops, she brings innovations like ChatGPT, but also hyperreal alternative worlds, in which we can live, work and learn. In the learning ecosystems she outlines, she combines technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, video and 3D holographic avatars with NFLs and blockchain.   

Bringing these new digital innovations together creates unprecedented combinations that offer possibilities beyond our imagination.  Will we all soon enter this new world with the MetaHuman creator, digital contact lenses or even brain implants?

Based on the book Leaning Ecosystems, finalist best international business book, this lecture is ideally suited to executives who want to create the future themselves now through continuous improvement, innovation and a learning culture with engaged employees. 

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Katja Schipperheijn is an internationally recognised author, learning strategist, futurist, lecturer and keynote speaker on human-centred innovations that support learning and the future of work and, by extension, society. Her provocative ideas challenge traditional dogmas and offer fresh perspectives on how organisations can achieve sustainable growth by investing in learning and a strategy focused on continuous improvement.

Katja's work explores the intersection of technology and human experience and its impact on our society, often drawing inspiration from observing the world through the eyes of our children. As such, Katja's keynote speeches are engaging, inspiring and tailored to the needs of her very diverse audience. Her energetic style and ability to connect with her audience make her an ideal choice for events focused on learning, innovation and technology for a future that already seems to have caught up with us.

Besides advising governments, multinationals, learning institutions and start-ups, Katja is also a philanthropist as founder of sCooledu and author of Little Digital Citizens (Dutch 2018). More than 15,000 children have already participated in her workshops about the future and the increasingly virtual world. In doing so, she demonstrates her commitment to social responsibility and the importance of promoting digital literacy among young people.

By booking Katja for an event, you not only gain valuable insights but also support a good cause.

Based on her most recent book Learning Ecosystems (2023) finalists best international business books in London and listed at Top 100 best international business books at the eLearning Journal in Germany, Katja also offers advice for selecting technology and implementing these innovations with involved stakeholders. This can be part of a tailor- made keynote and extended with a workshop.


- Continuous improvement through innovation and Learning Ecosystems
- Learning Ecosystems focusing on AI and the seamless integration between humans and technology
- The Learning Maturity Model for organisations and Lean Learning Development
- Has the future caught up with us, the future of learning and work inspired by children
- Leadership based on continuous improvement for nimble growth by focusing on human-centred innovation

Katja Schipperheijn

Author, learning strategist and keynote speaker with a passion for continuous improvement through human-centred innovations that support learning

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