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Finding each other in 2024

Every day is a choice, a choice between polarization and connection. Explores the quest for more common ground, at the kitchen table, at work, and in society.

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There is a need for more individuals who choose 'we' over 'us versus them'. In the workplace, every company Elke knows is grappling with fostering connection as many people work from home. Translated to society, the lack of connection is aggravated by social media bubbles, an increase in individualism, and a growing us-versus-them mentality, posing a threat to democracy, especially in the election year of 2024.

Around many kitchen tables, achieving connection is difficult, and loneliness in society is on the rise. Therefore, it's time for action. Every day presents the choice to either polarize or seek what unites us. But even if one desires connection, the question is: HOW can it be done in concrete terms? 

This talk is brimming with inspiration and tips that can be implemented starting tomorrow, whether it's at the kitchen table, in the workplace, or in society.

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Elke believes that a diverse, inclusive professional world stimulates innovation, performance, personal growth and talent. She breathes this every day and embraces all initiatives - academic, political, economic, media and social - that serve her purpose. Diversity is a growth opportunity for society. And for every company. But it takes inclusive leadership to make it work. One of the keys to success is leadership and developing an inclusive corporate culture. Given her strategic and hands-on expertise, she likes to contribute by engaging with leaders in all disciplines who share the same ambition, continue to question themselves - like she does -, are fascinated by the power of diversity in all its aspects and want to move the business world forward. Every day a diverse step forward, together. Besides inspiring people with her keynotes, she gives interactive workshops in-person and online, strategy journeys & builds communities. Her solutions for inclusive leadership are based on best practices around the globe and the real-life experience of hundreds of leaders. Elke recently succeeded in the INSEAD Gender Diversity Program and is co-author of the book 'Who run the world, the power of female leadership' and frequently shares her expertise in different media. Women develop their full potential in her Fierce Ladies Tribe. She is Co-Founder of 72Hours Reload - unique experiences & encounters - and Founder of the Straffe Madammen network. Throughout her professional career in stakeholder engagement, corporate communications, public relations and public affairs, she had the pleasure to work with many leaders in the political, media, academic and business arena. Elke shared her vision on more than 100 conference stages.

Elke Jeurissen

Entrepreneur, Community Builder (Inclusive Leaders Connect, Straffe Madammen, 72Hours Reload), co-author of 2 books, (step)mum of 5.

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