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Executive Presence & Visibility for Professional Women

How to Present Yourself Confidently

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Executive Presence, visibility and self confidence are three essential elements for career advancement for women. In this lively presentation, executive communication coach Barbara Rogoski will share with you her insights on these topics, how we can sabotage ourselves without even knowing it and tips on how you can develop your own presence in the way you communicate.

Can be keynote, breakout or interactive workshop

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Barbara Rogoski is a passionate professional speaker and executive communication coach who specializes in how you present yourself, your story and the value you add - through executive presence, strategic storytelling and how to pitch yourself.

Her focus, through her company Successful Speaker Now, is to help business professionals to tell their stories with confidence, clarity and impact. She is an executive communication coach and senior TEDx coach and has coached more than 150 TEDx related speakers worldwide.

Barbara is also a published author of Boring to Brilliant, A Reference Guide for Speakers, with 160 colorful communication tips to help every speaker improve his/her skills.

Her wide range of knowledge about effective communication, combined with her entertaining and inspiring style of empowerment, makes her a popular speaker, trainer and coach. You can hire Barbara as inspirational keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, trainer or coach.

Barbara Rogoski

Barbara Rogoski is an American professional speaker and executive communication coach with expertise in executive presence, strategic storytelling and how to pitch yourself confidently.

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