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Embracing AI in Business: Potential, pitfalls, and Humanization

Going above and beyond the GTP hype

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Is your biggest fear becoming inadequate?  Dou you want to avoid becoming the Blockbuster of your industry and be the Spotify instead? Do you want to learn about the influence of AI in marketing and its future implications? 

This keynote is must attend if you want to understand the potential benefits and challenges of incorporating AI in marketing strategies. You'll discover ways to balance automation with humanisation for an optimal customer experience.

Topics addressed:

  • AI's Growing Influence on the customer experience

  • Connecting Barrels: AI's Growing Influence on the organisation

  • AI in Marketing: Optimization, Personalization and Performance

  • AI's current potential and ROI in Marketing

  • The Future of AI in Marketing

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No, this is not another keynote speaker that talks Metaverse, Web3.0 nor is it about NFTs. This is about future-proof but pragmatic data-driven approaches that work today. This is a talk Google, Facebook and your media agency will not want you to follow. It's about becoming data-driven? How to mine data as the new gold as you manage the next wave of privacy revolutions beyond what the law is instructing us. Want to find out how a major bike manufacturer created a hybrid ecosystem as they leveraged their digital dominance for the benefit of both their resellers and themselves? And how about making a dress part of your attribution model? Filled with real-life examples that have shown their value and proven to work the sessions are filled with mechanics and tactics that are applicable across industries. Prior to founding GrowthAgent, Renout was a founding employee of in Belgium over 13 years ago, and prior to that played a key leadership role in growing Dell both in Belgium and in EMEA. Today Renout is the Managing Partner of GrowthAgent - the martech agency within, and the author of Obsessed - a best seller that touches upon the new paradigm Customer Data Platforms bring as a technology concept.

Renout van Hove

Multipotentialite, co-Author of #Obsessed - Founder of, finds himself comfortable at the intersection of Advertising, Data ecosystems, Privacy and Technology

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