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Dynamic equilibrium, from (im)power to strength in work relationships

How a dynamic balance in working relationships can ensure that everyone can use their full potential to achieve great results together.

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In his first book 'Build your dream team', author Johan De Keyser firmly stated that a high-performance team consists of strengthful personalities who are willing to work together to realize a collective dream. And that you do this on the basis of trustworthiness, in all openness and with clear agreements that team members hold each other to account while monitoring their progress. But how do you do that in everyday reality? Because in practice these qualities prove to be more difficult to implement than hoped.

  • What are the relational dynamics that play a role in this collaboration?

  • How do you become a strengthful personality, so that you also practice self-care?

  • How do you deal with this as a team leader or team member?

  • How do you find dynamic equilibrium and move from powerlessness to strength?

  • How do you ensure equivalent relationships within a collaboration?

  • How can you ensure that employees feel really involved, so that they enjoy realizing the set goals and dreams?

In a smooth, interactive way, Johan De Keyser makes clear how a dynamic balance in working relationships can ensure that everyone, both inside and outside the organization, can use their full potential to achieve great results together.

'Dynamic Equilibrium' gives you innovative and stimulating insights that make you think, make you consciously reflect and give you the desire to get started right away.'

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Over the past 30 years, Johan De Keyser has had the privilege of coaching and training a tremendous number of people, teams and organizations. From alcohol and drug addicts to people with depression or burnout. Both in the social sector and in education. But also in companies and SMEs, from workers to CEOs. He was a ward coordinator in a psychiatric hospital for two years, a Team Development Coach at Lineas, the largest private rail freight operator in Europe, an individual coach and therapist at the therapeutic center Tripsyco and a sociotherapist at day center De Welving of AZ Sint Maarten / Emmaus. In October 2018, his first book "Build your dream team" was published. May 2023 his second book 'Dynamic balance' will be published (both by LannooCampus).

Johan De Keyser

Expert on how to tackle toxic cultures by building dreamteams with powerful people in equivalent relationships. Author of 2 books and the first Humorologist of the BeNeLux.

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