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Discover the city of Brussels

Have a great moment with your colleagues in the city where you work

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You work in Brussels but in this walk you will finally discover the city as well. Ideal for a team outing. 

Your guide on duty: none other than Leopold II himself. Decisive, stubborn and impulsive. This walk through the heart of Brussels allows you to get to know Leopold II as you have never met him before. With the emphasis on his Congolese adventure, you will gain insight into this controversial but fascinating personality. Leopold II was also instrumental in determining the current appearance of our capital. 

We pass the places you know like parliament or the royal palace, but also have an eye for the many places of invisible power. You get a look behind the scenes of the wonderful world of elite clubs and also why for example the back of the Royal Palace is much more interesting than the front.  

Practical: distance 4.5 km, duration 2h30 (possibility to adapt duration and distance)

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To book Jan as a speaker is offering your team a cheerful moment in nature, incredible stories and time for each other. On his beautiful walks through the Sonian Forest, castle domains and Brussels, he gives his audience a relaxing and enjoyable moment while inspiring with his compelling stories. Jan is a master storyteller who takes you to different worlds, alternating stories about nature (from the baby skin of the beech to the crazy ant) with life stories (from entrepreneurs to painters and horse jockeys) and striking facts about the places we pass. Jan invites you to stand back in the world with wonder and to look at it. His strength is to connect people and tailor his stories to the participants – whether they are managers, HR or construction workers. Jan’s track record is rich. He started his career as the right-hand man of a party chairman, he then was a journalist for many years for newspapers such as De Tijd, De Standaard and television (Panorama - VRT), where he won the Dexia Press Prize for the best journalistic work. In 2011, he became an entrepreneur and founded the speaker agency Read My Lips. In 2019, he sold Read My Lips and after a sabbatical he started offering his walking keynotes in 2021.

Jan Puype

Entrepreneur and not a typical keynote speaker. He takes you on a walk and tells inspiring stories about people and nature.

#1 speakers agency

- Get inspired, learn & grow

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