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Develop your go-to-market approach with the Marketing Strategy Canvas

A step by step guide to developing your marketing strategy for a digital world

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Digital channels have turned the way companies and brands go to the market upside down. This true paradigm shift requires a different strategy development process.

With the Marketing Strategy Canvas as a guide, Bert Van Wassenhove shows the participants the in's and out’s of how to define the core message and how to translate it into an actionable strategy.

After this session, the participants will be able to bring clarity and vision to their marketing approach in the digital world. With the “LEARNING" format they get the opportunity to have their work challenged and fine-tuned with the speaker.

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Bert Van Wassenhove is not a book publisher, but a "venture publisher", with significant experience in marketing and digital media – and by leveraging his network – Bert helps people and organizations take an innovative or transformative concept and turn it into a sustainable company. 

Today he is CEO of Solvice, an AI company focussing on solving complex decision intelligence problems. Authenticity is always a key value in his undertakings.

Bert Van Wassenhove

Venture publisher guiding innovative and transformative concepts to become sustainable companies.

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