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Customer Experience Post Covid19

The impact of Covid19 on customer experience

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What will the impact of Covid19 be on customer experience? Covid19 will undoubtedly accelerate new and innovative ways of working, shopping, learning, living, entertainment, sports... But it will change, faster and to greater extent than ever before, how we interact with our customers. Today we should question every aspect of our business, every step in the customer journey. And please be aware for the nostalgia trap. I would rather not cue for more than 30 minutes at the best bakery in town (Atelier Lukas Knokke). As of next week we can order online and pick up in all safety. Home delivery and automatic replenishment (any take joy from buying toilet paper?) will be further deployed. And what could you do? What does this mean for your business? I will gladly share my two cents. And an approach you could follow.

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As a consultant and keynote speaker, Geert is passionate about the power of digital technology combined with the transformation of companies into a future-proof, hybrid organisation. Online and offline will merge, analog and digital will go hand in hand, man and machine will work together for a brighter, better, more efficient and more fun future and the physical world will be augmented by virtual and invisible technology. Geert has been working as a management consultant for over 18 years. He holds masters in Economics and Marketing Management. Geert is fluent in English, French and Dutch. Some say he is a bit of a petrol head. They might be right...

Geert Martens

Consultant & hybrid experience creator. Soccer dad & petrol head.

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