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Boost your resilience!

Many professionals work longer hours than before COVID and feel tired and exhausted. Having a good energy balance is therefore more important than ever.

On top of this, being able to deal with constant change and being agile is paramount to be successful ànd happy.

To make it through the current crisis and bounce forward to the new, constantly changing reality, you and your team will need to be resilient. The good news is that you can train this skill.

Dominique Monami and Florence Pérès, both resilience coaches, but above all familiar with change and challenging circumstances in their own professional lives and careers, host a "double" on #resilience during a live #webinar for your team members.

They will learn how to:

👉 become more resilient 🧠

👉 recharge their batteries 💡

👉 find more balance ⚖

👉 embrace change 🌊 and become more agile

Want to know more about our 👊 DOUBLE on 👊 Resilience? Contact us!

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