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What is Speakersbase?

As you can read in the About section, Speakersbase was originally created in 2016 as an open platform to bring speakers and organisers together. There was no commercial objective and we offered our main activities (maintaining your speakers profile) as a free, no-commitment service to the public.

In 2020 we decided to change this model drastically. Our ambition is to offer and commercially represent #virtualspeakers and hosts. These are people that we officially represent as a commercial booking agency. 

Why am I not on the list of current speakers?

The current speakers are handpicked #virtualspeakers and hosts that we commercially represent as a booking agency for virtual events. If you are not on the list, it means that we do not have a deal to sell your services to our clients.

As you will see, only a small group of people is represented so far. This list will grow in the near future with new speakers, yet we will always limit this to the amount of #virtualspeakers that we believe we can represent in a qualitative way.

Can I become an active speaker or host?

You can indeed apply to become one of our #virtualspeakers so that we can commercially represent you. Please bear in mind that this might take time: it is a manual process of selecting the best speakers we believe cover topics we want to offer to our clients.

I have issues signing in to my old page, what's wrong?

We are aware that the migration to the new domain caused some problems for a small group of users. Most of these issues should be fixed by now. If you still encounter problems, please let us know.​

Where are all the old speakers and their pages?

Because of our new business model, the website now only shows the speakers that we offer to the market. This means that your speakerspage is no longer available through the main website.

For now, the pages are still available on although the plan is to eventually switch them off during summer. This should give you time to grab possible assets from your page and store them elsewhere.

I want to keep on using my speakerspage, is that possible?

For the time being your old speakerspage is still available on but we plan to eventually turn the pages off, as this is no longer our core business and these functionalities will no longer be supported.

Is there a chance that my old speakerspage will remain available anyway?

We got many positive reactions from speakers that want to keep using their profile pages, even if we don't represent them as #virtualspeakers in the new Speakersbase. They expressed the willingness to pay a small fee for that. We are currently investigating if that is an option. The more interest we feel, the bigger the chance that we will offer a solution for this.​

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