About Wim

Currenty active at:
- Coca-Cola European Partners: Senior Manager - eCommerce & Digital Partnerships/Innovation
- MCMC: MD/Owner & Marketing Consultant
- bwin: Sports Marketing, Media & Sponsorship Consultant Benelux (via MCMC)
- Mastercard: Global Sports & Entertainment Consultant (via MCMC)
- UCLL: Sports Marketing Lecturer (via MCMC)
- BABM: Chairman E-Commerce Steerco (for Coca-Cola)
- ...

Formerly active at:
- GfK: Industry Lead Media/Entertainment/Sports and Marketing Director Southern Europe
- Nielsen Sports/Repucom: Sponsorship Consultant

Seasoned marketing & sales leader, with an entrepreneurial business drive and... Read more




Dutch, English


E-commerce, Sponsoring, Sponsorship, Sports Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Digital Business Models, Digital Transformation

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