About Valerie

When You have a Powerful, Exciting and Crystal Clear Vision of How You can Create your Life and Your World Everything Changes, and THAT'S When the Magic Happens! Well - That's My Why?!

I want to Build a Better World.
I want to make it a Wonderful Place to live in.
To Care for it and Protect it - for Today, Tomorrow and the Future.
The Way You Change the World is through People, and the Way I do it is through Visioning.

As Seen on TV, Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur, SUCCESSCoach and Mentor, Author of Woman Power Strategies For Female Leaders and Inernational Keynote Speaker

Valerie has started, bought, merged, grown and... Read more


United Kingdom




Business Strategy, Courage, Entrepreneurship, Growth Mindset, Visionary Leadership, Visioning, Personal Transformation

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