ProofOfCast: blockchain podcast by Sébastien Arbogast

Anyone who is delving into the world of blockchain and has encountered the Chainskills online course, knows or should know about ProofOfCast. The bi-weekly French-spoken blockchain and decentralization podcast has completed its first season! Blockchain is all the rage of course, but ProofOfCast goes beyond the buzzwords.


When devoting a podcast to blockchain, there is always a risk to get distracted by shiny new terms or technicalities. That’s why it’s interesting to hear how Sébastien and his co-host Ploum do not get tangled up in those things. While ProofOfCast focuses on blockchain and decentralization, they don’t limit themselves to exclusively these topics. They are not afraid to branch out into the real world with their podcast.

What is particularly pleasant about ProofOfCast is the relaxed way Sébastien explains all things blockchain and cryptocurrency. He perfectly walks the line between a very technical matter and explaining things in too simple a way. This balancing act creates a podcast that is challenging and fun for those learning about blockchain and informative for blockchain fans.


ProofOfCast enjoys responding to comments from previous podcasts, either in the description of the new episode or the podcast itself. ProofOfCast is not stingy with their replies either. It is not uncommon to see several links to relevant material in the reply, ensuring that the interested listener gains everything there is to gain from the podcast.

When Sébastien discusses the possibilities of blockchain, he is never afraid to be critical. Many blockchain aficionados are partially blind to the dangers and imperfections in blockchain, but Sébastien keeps his eyes wide open. This critical ability makes the podcast all the more engaging.

Season two

Season two is already in the works, with the first episode planned for September 1st. Another exciting feature would be that the podcast might go to YouTube! With the first season completed, we’ll be looking forward to the start of season two.

Check out ProofOfCast!

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