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Sérgio Jacinto

On a mission to help individuals and organizations find purpose and thrive while tackling the challenges of the next decades.

English, Spanish, Portuguese


Speaker, Moderator, Workshops, Consultant, Trainer


Sustainability, Circular Economy, Climate Change, Shared Economy, Sustainability Education & Literacy, Performance Economy



Climate, energy & sustainability


Sérgio is a passionate Sustainability Transition Manager with a profound interest in creating awareness to meet the challenges of the future. He offers a new lens for business, to anticipate trends in economy, society, environment, law and discover new value-creating strategies. He believes Sustainability Literacy Skills will be essential to work and simply be in society. He has worked with international companies such as Euronext, KLM, Kellogg’s, Decathlon, SOMFY, Moet & Hensey, AXA etc, delivering on value-creating Sustainability Learning journeys and consulting in Sustainability, Circular Economy and Climate Change.

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Today was a day of reflection on CIrcular Economy with Sérgio Jacinto, who came to challenge us, inspire and disrupt.  Sérgio as a specialist in such a new theme came to help us set foundations for the future… In nature the concept of nature does not exist, everything is reused, it's up to us to learn from nature.  Thank you Sérgio for the inspiration !

Rui Miguel Nabeiro - CEO Deltá Cafés

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