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Mirabel Hoys

Whirlwind Mirabel gives an energy boost to everyone who crosses her path.

Dutch, English, French


Speaker, Trainer, Coach


talent, onboarding, recruitment, development, feedback, believe in yourself, lifelong learning



HR, company culture & leadership


With a passion for people, Mirabel is overflowing with experience in coaching people and teams. Lifelong learning is the motto that drives her in everything she does. Brace yourself because she will take you out of your comfort zone. And she stimulates your colleagues to give feedback that catapults your performance to the next level. Mirabel inspires and gives direction. Making people grow is her second nature. Through her enthusiastic and open personality she has a positive outlook on things. She believes that people have an enormous growth potential.

Presentations and Topics

HR, company culture & leadership

Lifelong learning

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Talent is a verb

Testimonials & References

  • "Wow, I was really unaware of how I come across when I speak. Learned so much!"

  • "Thanks to Mirabel, I also learned from the other participants. Received and gave triple feedback, what an experience."

  • Mirabel is an amazing coach and natural leader. She has an innovative vision on HR topics.

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