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Mahdi Brown

Founder of the ỌKAN Journey, the Premium Anti-Burnout System designed for High-Performing Professionals to create an exceptional life beyond work



Speaker, Trainer, Workshops, Coach


Stress & burnout, Stress Management, Anti-Burnout System, Body Resilience, Holistic Approach to Wellness, Peak Performance Wellness, Shifting Corporate Culture, Team Building, Whole-Life Design



Resilience & wellbeing


After having healed himself from a severe burnout while in medical school, Dr. Mahdi realized the significant impact that thoughts, emotions, environments, work, and relationships have on the physical health and overall wellbeing of a person. Based on the premise that health is a holistic affair, he created The ỌKAN Journey, a comprehensive healing system for high performing professionals who overextended themselves and are on the verge of a burnout. Dr. Mahdi holds an ND in naturopathic medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and is certified as a Transformational Life Coach (CTC). Over the course of his career as a physician, lecturer, professor, and spiritual mentor, Dr. Mahdi has educated thousands of people on how to integrate the principles of the 7 Domains of Life Mastery and live a healthy, fulfilling, meaningful life.

Presentations and Topics

Resilience & wellbeing

Recognizing & reversing burnout

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What every leader should know about burn out within their team to help prevent it

Testimonials & References

"I appreciated my experience with Dr. Mahdi and the ỌKAN Journey program. It helped me when I made the decision to return to professional sports - it wasn’t just about reducing my stress, improving my fitness or nutrition. It was also about providing me with the tools to successfully integrate all aspects of who I am as an athlete, mother, and wife in order to have a more balanced life, experience greater performance, and overall well-being."


What do you consider as being one of your biggest successes while in the ỌKAN Journey program?  "I became more authentic: I allow myself to be vulnerable now, which impacted the way I positively work with my team. Before I was like: “I am in control, and you are going to do this and that.” Now we discuss things more. I ask them how they feel about something, and I tell them how I feel. I am more authentic, more open, less tough on others, and myself. “To be vulnerable is to be strong” is something I wrote in my journal. And it is really true. I feel a lot more powerful now I allow myself to be me." 

Sandra Peeters PROJECT MANAGER  

“Dear Dr. Mahdi, you helped me make the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. I now eat a plant-based diet. I have lost 60 lbs. I was on depression meds for over 20 years and I now rarely feel depressed. I have healed high blood pressure, thyroid disease and fibromyalgia. You gave a talk about relationships. You said that we are 100% responsible for every relationship in our lives. This starts with the one we have with ourselves. You said not to settle or give ourselves away. Know what we want and get it ourselves. At the time that your class took place, I had been married for 24 years. It was a good marriage. Now it is an AMAZING marriage in every way! I stopped fault finding and assuming my husband knew what I needed. I started seeing him as a gift. We have a connection spiritually, emotional and physically that I never knew was possible. Dr. Mahdi... YOU are one of my Heroes! YOU are a gift to this world!! I’ll never be the same because of YOU!” 


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