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ianka fleerackers

Storytelling Architect and Curious Creature with a long-standing career in media and arts.

Dutch, English


Speaker, Trainer, Moderator, Host, Workshops


Presentation Skills, Creativity, Storytelling



Technology, transformation & innovation


ianka is a Storytelling Architect and Curious Creature with a long-standing career in media and arts and a published author. Following a successful career as an actress, she has dedicated the last ten years applying her expertise as a speaker, moderator, and speaking mentor for thought leaders. She talks about the intersection of curiosity, transformation, and technology.

Presentations and Topics

Technology, transformation & innovation

Boost your creativity, unlock your curiosity

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Boost the engine that keeps you motivated, creative, innovative and resilient!

Testimonials & References

I invited Ianka to speak at the first kickoff event of CreativeMornings Ghent, where she gave a talk about our theme 'Muse'. I and everyone in the audience found Ianka's talk very inspiring. She took us unto her compelling journey to find her muse. Being a muse herself she brought a fresh and honest perspective on how people find inspiration. Ianka stands in front of an audience full of confidence and brings in the necessary amount of humor and interaction to keep you engaged throughout the talk. Ianka is pure, passionate and personal!

  - Daphne Fecheyr Lippens,  Innovation Consultant -

I recommend Ianka to anyone in need of a storytelling concept. Being a writer herself, an actress and a very good listener, she is capable of creating, recognizing, shaping, producing and performing strong stories. Therefore she uses her brilliant imagination, true empathy and wonderful presenting skills.Furthermore, she is an interesting conversation partner always ready with constructive advise and open to share her knowledge and expertise. 

- Charlotte De Mey -

Ianka gave a very inspiring speech at our Failing Forward conference - sharing heartfelt experiences and lessons learned to help our audience prevent making the same mistakes and understanding that they are not alone in encountering a bumpy road on their way to success! 

- Karen Boers-

Too often I speak at events where the CEO has a great message that is unfortunately lost in a superficial presentation. Being good in management also means being good in public speaking. You can learn how to manage. You can learn how to be a good speaker..

I have seen what Ianka can do with our Nexxworks Bootcampers in just a few hours. Take your time. Not a few hours. The time you need to find your own voice, your own key, your own attitude, your own format, and story. Speaking Mentor Ianka Fleerackers is a must for all business leaders who want to better share their drive and passion.

- Rik Vera-

We invited Ianka to be the moderator of our Women of the Year Award. She responded very professionally to our request and prepared the event in a serious way, thoroughly reading the material we submitted and asking for further elicitation if needed. The day of the event she got caught in a terrible traffic jam and only arrived at the very last minute. But she jumped directly to the stage and got started. The audience was never aware of the stress she must have felt. Ianka did an excellent job in our marvelous event. 

- Marij Elias, Chair of BE Lioness, the Women's Network of ING Belgium. -

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