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Chris Heemskerk

Innovation & AI Strategy Expert. Ex-Apple & Ex-Google Innovation Labs, USA

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Speker, Coach, Consultant, Workshops

Dutch, English

Innovation Culture, Innovation Strategy, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation


Drawing from over a decade of experience at leading technology firms, including Google and Apple, Chris Heemskerk showcases his vision on corporate innovation by heading The Innovation Alliance, a global network of tech executives and innovation leaders.

As former Head of Scaled Acquisitions for Google in North America, Chris transformed his business operation into a global center for innovation and operational excellence.

Hence, he was asked to serve as an advisor to Google's Innovation Lab and established a partnership with Harvard Business School to document the lab’s endeavors in two HBS Case Studies, in which he features.

In pursuit of providing organizations the necessary resources to innovate consistently, he authored The Innovation Scorecard™️, a comprehensive framework that enables firms to maximize their innovation capabilities and discover new growth opportunities.

He has been a sought-after innovation speaker and workshop facilitator both internally at Google and externally, including features at The United Nations in Rome and the Arizona Technology Council's CEO Summit.

Chris's educational journey is rooted in his passion for lifelong learning. He is a faculty member of The European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (, and holds Executive Certifications in Innovation Leadership from Harvard Business School (HBS), and acquired sponsorship to attend the HBS High Potential Leadership Program of 2019. He’s certified in Design Thinking at Stanford University, and holds an MSc in Marketing from the London School of Business and Finance. He alternates between Europe and The United

States together with his wife and three-year-old son.


Building an AI-first Company

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AI fundamentals, use cases, the importance of AI adoption, and strategies for integrating AI into organizations

Building An Innovation Engine

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The art and science of innovation that is practiced by the world’s leading organizations

Chris Heemskerk was a standout keynote speaker at the Arizona Technology Council’s annual CEO Leadership Retreat. His presentations on ‘Innovation Management for CEOs’ was a tour de force – both enlightening and thought-provoking. Chris presented an inclusive breakdown of a CEO’s role in the innovation process, effectively illustrating how leaders can catalyse meaningful change within their organisations. With his discussion on the ‘Innovation Engine’, he presented a compelling case for integrating traditional corporate strategies with dedicated innovation strategies. Moreover, he transformed the abstract concept of leading innovation into a practical and tangible endeavour.
By incorporating the elements of the Innovation Scorecard, he provided CEOs with a powerful tool to access their innovation capabilities across culture, organisational design, external dimensions and effectiveness. Witnessing an engaged and energized public throughout the entire session, I cannot overstate my recommendation of Chris for C-Level audiences. His outstanding delivery and profound insights distinguished him as one of the premier speakers at our event.

Arizona Technology Council and SciTech Institute

Steven, President & CEO

What an inspiring and insightful masterclass! We have received great feedback from our audience. People want to learn more about the applications of the Innovation Scorecard to sustainable development, so we hope to have you back at The United Nations in Rome very soon!

United Nations

Gladys, Senior Officer, Global Head of Innovation

Chris has a keen ability to translate proven innovation strategies to any organisation. He is an agile thinker and incredibly easy to work with. His passion and years of experience shine through all of his interactions. The Innovation Experience was invigorating, insightful, fun, and useful. Thank you, Chris, for opening my mind.


Odette, Honorary Consul of the Netherlands

Chris is a great speaker on the topic of innovation. He’s able to both motivate diverse senior leaders and effectively convey a powerful, contextual message. I find him an amazing professional.

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Borislav, CPO & Member of the Executive Board

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