A program consist of a series of keynotes and workshops to give you a comprehensive understanding of a specific topic.

Speakersbase goes the extra mile to exceed your expectations. We start by fully grasping your needs so we can come up with a tailor-made solution. Matching the perfect speaker with your organization is one of our strong points.

But we go further than that. Our programs combine different speakers who all bring their views on a particular topic. This results in a in-depth understanding of the topic and better anchoring as you can spread it in time.





Presentations and Topics

The Post-Corona Future

The 'What now??' sessions

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The world is changing, business is changing,...What now??

HR, company culture & leadership

Get ready for hybrid working

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Ann De Bisschop and Florence Pérès bring complementary insights to help your employees and managers in this important transition.

Sales, marketing & customer experience

Customer Experience Next Level

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All you need to know for Customer Experience in a transformed world. 

Sales, marketing & customer experience

Presenting with impact

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An overall approach with impact. You make your first impression in the first 7 seconds. But then you haven't said much yet.

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All our speakers are specialised in online events, from enhanced webinars to special format interactive sessions!