Jochen Roef

Founder of future-shaping companies.
Mind of an alchemist, heart of a buddhist, gut of a samurai.

Jochen Roef (1979) is founder of Blinc Sales Institute, and founder/CEO of, both trend-setting companies in their market segment. Jochen is passionate about human resources, sales and HR. After obtaining his master's degree in psychology, he entered several sales positions, which nurtured his fascination for sales and human diversity. He co-developed the RIO method, a groud-breaking and super practical marketing- and sales methodology that creates hyperpersonalized customer experiences. Blinc Sales Institute has supported 300+ companies in up- and reskilling their salesforce to meet and exceed customer expectations. Blinc supports the commercial management and sales teams of KBC, Showpad and Puratos, among others. In addition, with Jochen creates pioneering AI applications that help HR departments worldwide to win the 'war for talent'.


Dutch, English


Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience, Technology, Transformation & Innovation, HR & Company Culture


Speaker, Trainer


Sales, Customer Experience, Commercial psychology, Selling in a digital age, new sales paradigm, AI in HR

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The new hybrid sales process

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We all know the clichés of giving training or a keynote to salespeople. Very hesitant, because there's not much we can learn... Jochen breaks this cliché, because in this session he lets the salesmen look at themselves... and what their innate skills are to sell their products. The confrontation with our type of personality to use it as a positive element in sales is very well applied here. 

Brecht Vandenborre, Sales Director Stas

After the hard-selling techniques, consultative selling theories and other sales gurus, you have Jochen Roef with both a very workable model and a model that gives you insight into your own personality and the difficulties you sometimes experience as a sales person. Where others want to put forward one particular method to improve your sales success, Jochen will above all give you the idea that everyone is different and successful through the use of other sales techniques. Rarely have I had a training that has stayed with me like that and that I could start using right away. 

All this in a relaxed setting with the occasional humorous witticism tops it all off. 

Yentl Vandenbroucke, Country Manager Belux Performanse

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