Isabel Verstraete

Inspirational keynote speaker and strategic sparring partner for companies who want to grow their business but understand that they need to do that in a different way to remain relevant in this fast changing world.

Dutch, French, English


Speaker, Workshops, Consultant


Future Brand Strategy, Repositioning, Collaboration, agility, Care for the Planet, The Care Prinicples



Business and Strategy; Sales, marketing & customer experience; HR, company culture & Leadership, The Post-Corona Future


Isabel Verstraete worked both on the corporate side of the fence as on agency side in France, The Netherlands, and her home country Belgium. Her biggest driver in her job has always been the ability to help brands.

Since 2011 she runs her own strategy consultancy and has been leading strategic assignments in brand strategy, marketing, and product innovation.

During the pandemic, she wrote a book called ‘Does your brand care? Building a better world with the Care Principles.’ The Care Principles is a strategic framework that helps companies grow in a caring and sustainable way.

You can book Isabel as an inspirational keynote speaker or as a strategic sparring partner. The Care Principles strategic toolkit helps companies create a positive impact on people and planet.

Presentations and Topics
Testimonials & References

Thank you Isabel, your message had a decent impression on me and and provides more tools to create a better world. 

-- Jerusha van Vliet, product engineer SECRID.   

Thank you so much for the inspirational lecture. 

-- Annemieke Deering, Marketing lead, Shuberg Philis.  

Only few moments in a lifetime, we meet and work with people who inspire and dare to question the common practice. Isabel always comes with effective and trending insights. Now again with her new CARE Principles. Although challenging for many companies, our changing world is in need of our uttermost and best CARE! 

-- Victoria Hemelaer, CMO House of HR.  

It was a great presentation, Isabel! I enjoyed your contribution immensely. The downside is that I now have to perform at your standards 😉. 

-- Henry Robben, Professor Marketing Nyenrode Business University  

Thanks for the inspiring lecture! 

-- José Olde Olthof, Transition Director Cordier by Invivo  

What an inspirational talk Isabel, thank you! 

-- Jeroen van Erp, Innovation Strategist, Fabrique.  

I enjoyed every minute of your lecture, thank you! 

-- Dyantha Vriens, Global Marketing Manager Cyber security at SGB Brightside  

Your book has shaped my thinking on branding. Your lecture has created new insights for our students. 

-- Professor Jos Rath, VU Amsterdam.

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