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Elke Geraerts

Doctor in neuropsychology with keynotes about the importance of a resilient brain

Dutch, English




Resilience, Hybrid Working, Self Leadership



Resilience & wellbeing


Elke has a PhD in psychology and has held various academic positions at the universities of Harvard, St Andrews, Maastricht and Rotterdam.

She is CEO of Better Minds at Work and wrote the bestsellers 'Mentaal Kapitaal' (literally, “Mental Capital”; launched in English on the international market under the title Better Minds).

Elke has the ability to hold her audience’s attention from start to finish and offers insights about the brain that can have a lifelong impact.

Presentations and Topics

Resilience & wellbeing

Authentic Intelligence

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How to future-proof yourself and your team

Resilience & wellbeing

The mental reset

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How hybrid work and life strengthen resilience

Resilience & wellbeing

Mental Resilience

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Elke shares her insights on mental resilience and how we can deal swiftly with any challenge.

Testimonials & References

Elke is one of those rare talents who can integrate research and practical examples into clear insights and practical recommendations. She does this in her books and in her real-life contributions. Thanks to her enthusiasm and expertise, resilience becomes a tangible, concrete thing that matters not only in what we think, but definitely in what we can do. From now on, we will look at rabbits and elephants differently.

Jan van Acoleyen, HR director Proximus

I had the pleasure of listening to Elke's vivid expose at a "Resilience Workshop" for BESIX in Dubai. For me personally, her workshop contained a number of “aha”-points and allowed me to connect some dots on certain challenges encountered in the daily work environment. I left the workshop with a number of insights (link between a boring situation -reptile/primitive brain - negativity - stress - unhealthy body), quotes ("Attention is the new scarce resource") and practical steps (bye bye email notifications on the phone). Her interesting and highly relevant presentation is the best invitation to read one of her books. Definitely worth some "focus"-time!

Peter Lembrechts, Manager Six Construct Dubai

Organisational Strategist for the City of Amsterdam

Elke has the rare talent of combining scientific insights with our everyday struggles in life. From the moment Elke starts to speak, she is able to hold the audience’s attention. She takes you on a mental journey through our brain and teaches us to get the best out of ourselves. The ultimate 'Elke effect' is that everyone who attends continues to contact each other long after the presentation to talk about how their brain is. A warm, special and, above all, highly talented person whom I wholeheartedly recommend.

Elmas Duduk

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