David Ducheyne

Critical Thinker. Strategy Facilitator. Author. Speaker. People Expert.

David is a former Chief HR Officer and Business Leader who understands the importance of the human side of strategy. He is convinced that by leveraging the human aspect of strategy from the first moment a strategy is designed, results will be better.

Humanization of strategy is not about pampering people. It's about making sure people are willing and able to perform sustainably and create value for all stakeholders.

Many strategies are ill-conceived and have flaws built into them from the beginning. David works with business leaders and management teams to design, optimize and execute strategies. Humanizing strategies leads to better performance and to thriving organizations.


Dutch, English, French, German


Post-Corona Future, Business, Strategy & Management, HR & Company Culture


Speaker, Moderator


Leadership, Organisation development, Organisational change, Leadership & Culture, Strategic HR, Trust

Presentations and Topics

HR, company culture & leadership

Sustainable Leadership

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How to lead in a turbulent world?

Business and strategy

Humanizing Strategy

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HR, company culture & leadership

The Psychology of Change

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Testimonials & References

David is a great speaker: knowledgeable, experienced and with a sense of humour. 

David is able to take a complex topic apart, reassemble it and makes you understand it. 

It's amazing how David build interaction with bigger groups. 

The webinar David gave was one of the most interactive ones. It was like we were all present in the same room. 

David has a low treshold: people understand what he says and go home. with great insights,  even when the topic is difficult.

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