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WTF?! What the Future?

the end of the “old normal”, the uncertainties of today and the road towards a brighter future

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We are living in a decade of major disruptions and system shocks: digital challenges, societal shifts, pandemics, climate disasters, geopolitical tensions, deglobalisation, the (energy) crisis, ... are all pushing us into an accelerated transformation of different levels in society and economy.

The “Old Normal” no longer exists and the journey towards a new future has begun.

In his new 2023 keynote, Jo explores the current state of the world and the rough journey that we are facing in the upcoming years. He describes the challenges, constraints, opportunities and new rules for businesses in order to be both impactful in society and economically prosperous.

Jo presents a simple method that helps you deal with uncertainty and design a roadmap towards an optimistic future.

Be ready to get inspired, shocked and scared but also to become enthusiastic about the possibilities of tomorrow.

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Jo started his digital career somewhere in 1994 when he created the first digital agency in Belgium. Now almost 30 years later he can look back on a rich history as a digital entrepreneur..

Jo is a transformation strategist. The good thing is that this profession doesn't really exist, so he doesn’t have to live up to specific standards or conventions.
He is passionated about change and how digital and societal disruptions are impacting everything around us. For over a decade his company Scopernia has been helping all kinds of organisations, from Denmark to Dubai with the big question: how is the core of your business changing?

In his latest book, The World Is Round, Jo describes the big technological and societal challenges that the world is facing. He describes scenarios for the future of which many already became a reality because of the Corona crisis, the climate disasters and the new geopolitical reality we are currently living in.

One of Jo’s real passions is to talk to people, bringing the message of change and optimism across. He has been on hundreds of stages, in about every European country and beyond.

In the last decade Jo (co-)wrote five books on different transformational topics, from dealing with social media, the future of the media industry, digital transformation and now his latest book The World Is Round, about the transformation of society and how to plan for that.

Jo Caudron

Digital pioneer with a passion for transformation and strategy. Author, advisor and speaker.

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