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Value alignment — inclusive recruitment

How can we make sure our technology is unbiased?

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People are inherently biased. How can we make sure that the technology and algorithms we build for social media, human resources and a wide range of other applications isn't biased as well?

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Lenny Benaïcha is a serial entrepreneur who operates at the intersection of human experience and technology. He commenced his career as a professional dancer at a young age, undergoing a training regimen akin to that of a professional athlete, complemented by an artistic layer. However, his career was curtailed due to an injury. Transitioning to a new career path, he pursued studies in multimedia and communications technology, with a specialization in web technology. He garnered both the jury's prize and the audience's acclaim for his thesis, and subsequently embarked on a career as a web ninja with These Days, a prominent communication agency under the umbrella of Young & Rubicam, one of the largest communication agency conglomerates globally. Rather than confining himself to coding, he pioneered novel technologies both within and beyond the agency, rallying teams around innovation.

In 2012, he co-founded a lifestyle and mobility brand that earned the distinction of startup of the year in 2015 by the Belgian Chamber of Commerce. He later re-entered the realm of communications as a strategic technologist, providing consultancy services to major brands such as Toyota and Microsoft. His most recent venture involves an HR tech company featuring the world's first two-sided assessment, which matches individuals with jobs (and vice versa) based on soft skills, grounded in scientific rigor and academic validation. This company received recognition as a runner-up at the HR Tech awards in 2022. Additionally, he has served as a (guest) lecturer at various universities in Belgium in recent years.

As a speaker, Lenny Benaïcha embodies a unique blend of serenity, poise, and captivating qualities. Leveraging his background in performative arts and technology, he adeptly translates intricate complexities into accessible concepts, rendering him an exceptional keynote speaker.

Lenny Benaïcha

Growth officer and lecturer with a background in classical arts, web technology, strategic innovation, and entrepreneurship. Currently on a mission to eliminate mismatches between people and jobs.

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