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Unleash the power of trust in your relations 

Trust is a crucial concept to radiate towards your employees, partners, and clients.

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Hemingway once said: ‘you only know if you can trust someone if you trust someone’. Trust in business is not always easy to find and even seems like a paradox sometimes. But if you want to succeed in the business world of today, trust is a crucial concept to understand and to radiate towards your employees, partners, and clients.

In this presentation Dado Van Peteghemwill provide 10 concrete tips on how to build and maintain trust in relationships, based on the book he wrote in 2021 on Metasystems - How Trust can change the world.

You will learn how to:

  • Build and maintain trust with employees and partners

  • Have ‘courage conversations’: being benevolent with people but harsh on results

  • Deploy empathy as a leader

  • Accelerate results if the foundations of trust are in place

  • Restore trust when times are challenging

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Dado Van Peteghem is a seasoned entrepreneur, renowned speaker, and thought leader in digital transformation, innovation, and ecosystem thinking. As a founding partner at the transformation advisory firm Scopernia, he has been instrumental in guiding organizations towards embracing the digital age. Dado is also a co-founder of startups such as Social Seeder and Speakersbase, platforms that have made significant impacts in their respective industries.

Dado holds a degree in Communication & Computer Sciences from the University of Ghent, where his passion for merging technology with strategic communication first blossomed. Over the years, he has delivered over a hundred keynote speeches annually, captivating audiences with insights into the intricacies of digital transformation and innovative strategies for success.

As an accomplished author, Dado has contributed to the business world with his published works. His previous books include "Digital Transformation" (2014) with Jo Caudron, "Corporate Venturing" (2018) with Omar Mohout, and "Metasystems" (2020) with Nils van Dam, all of which have been well-received for their practical wisdom and forward-thinking perspectives.

Dado's latest book, "The Virtual Economy," co-authored with Jeremy Denisty, delves into the evolving landscape of virtual worlds and communities. In this groundbreaking exploration, Dado and Jeremy shed light on the emerging opportunities within the third wave of the Internet, characterized by artificial intelligence, immersive virtual environments, and blockchain technologies. "The Virtual Economy" offers a roadmap for businesses, governments, and society to harness the potential of this new era, providing strategies to engage and serve the next generation of customers, communities, and citizens.

As a member of the strategy committee at leading fashion group Chalhoub Group in Dubai, Dado brings a global perspective to his work, often bridging insights from the Middle East and Asia with international trends and best practices. With his deep expertise and visionary outlook, Dado Van Peteghem continues to inspire and empower organizations worldwide to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Dado Van Peteghem

Leading expert in the digital sector, frequent speaker, author and entrepreneur.

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