Toolkit for the 21st century brainworker

The essentials for a (hybrid) knowledge-worker

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In an era of constant technological acceleration, innovation, and change, an unseen overabundance of screen time since the pandemic and information overload, our brain encounters challenging times.

How can we thrive and be engaged at work and especially in a hybrid work environment?

Florence has created a toolkit for the 21st-century brainworker in order to help your collaborators in a very practical way to deal with :

•attention and focus, working from anywhere

•digital skills and a connectiquette for virtual communication and collaboration

Based on new findings and success models!


“Fascinating and inspiring, instructive and full of enthusiasm. Florence understands the art of captivating an audience. Amazingly well brought, she anticipated the topics that matters to us ” according to a happy customer.

Florence’s talks are based on 25 years of combined experience in the world of the Internet and digital media and mental well-being in the workplace. She worked at The Reference, ONE Agency, Dear Media (now Scopernia) and is a freelance consultant for Better Minds at Work. Florence is now Managing Director of Speakersbase. She is the author of the book 'Digital Detox’ (Lannoo 2017).

Expect passion, inspiration, interaction, evidence based insights, practical tips & tools and a certain entertainment level during her webinars and presentations.

Florence Pérès

Author, enthusiastic speaker and expert in digital balance, focus and mental resilience.

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