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The Whealthy Leader

A better world through health and well-being at work

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What’s your whealthitude as a leader?

  • inspiring and embracing your co-workers, the power of role modeling

  • insights from the wolfpack

  • how to create your health and well-being champions at work

ROI + VOI = WIN WIN WIN for the organisation, the employer and society

  • 12 reasons why you should invest as a leader in workplace health and well-being management - “Happy and healthy cows produce more milk”

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For more than 10 years Brecht Buysschaert has been active in several international companies and held various management positions. In 2014 he founded Springbok health coaching at work and today Brecht is a frequently asked keynote speaker because of his authentic and energetic approach in storytelling.
With the experience and know-how from Springbok (2014-2020) in over 100 company-cases, several expert Master trainings on health and well-being (UK, USA), inspiration health and well-being tours to The Netherlands (futureproof workplaces) and Danmark (hygge at work) combined with the knowledge from the conversations with lots of subject matter experts during his #walkyourtalks (podcasts), he now inspires many (future) leaders and organisations towards whealthy workplaces with tons of his positivity.

Brecht Buysschaert

Workplace Health and Well-being champ with a dream to make the world a better place by creating Whealthy Workplaces.

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