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The new hybrid sales process

Capitalize the opportunities in digital customer interactions

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Sales and service teams worldwide are facing a completely new paradigm: the ‘phygital’ customer journey !A hybrid sales engagement process, where short ‘face to face’ and ‘screen to screen’ contacts alternate!

An observation is that many sales- and service professionals still greatly underuse the enormous potential that lays in this new normal. And true, digital customer interactions are delicate! Do it wrong and you harm the client relationship. Do it right and you achieve more impact with less contact!

This keynote focuses on 3 areas of opportunity that are mostly overlooked:

1. Prospecting digitally

2. Strengthening existing relationships in a tech assisted way

3. Mastering exquisite commercial video calls.

The practical thread that runs through these 3 topics is empathy, the key differentiating strategic competence in this digital age! After discovering the potential in modern day selling, you will not want to go back to things as they were!

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Jochen Roef (1979) is founder of Blinc Sales Institute, and founder/CEO of, both trend-setting companies in their market segment. Jochen is passionate about human resources, sales and HR. After obtaining his master's degree in psychology, he entered several sales positions, which nurtured his fascination for sales and human diversity. He co-developed the RIO method, a groud-breaking and super practical marketing- and sales methodology that creates hyperpersonalized customer experiences. Blinc Sales Institute has supported 300+ companies in up- and reskilling their salesforce to meet and exceed customer expectations. Blinc supports the commercial management and sales teams of KBC, Showpad and Puratos, among others. In addition, with Jochen creates pioneering AI applications that help HR departments worldwide to win the 'war for talent'.

Jochen Roef

Founder of future-shaping companies.
Mind of an alchemist, heart of a buddhist, gut of a samurai.

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