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The future of corporate well-being

For business leaders and HR managers

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Corporate well-being has increasingly become more important for both companies and employees. There is a huge demand for and an increasing offer of well-being/wellness solutions that are meeting in the middle, this is at the (virtual) workplace. This talk reflects upon the future of corporate well-being. What is coming our way an why might this be important.

This keynote talks about digital health start-ups, financial wellness, and the consequences of working from home for both employees and companies: what are the expectations, why they are important and how a company should meet these.

Remark: this keynote does not explain how companies should install the best possible corporate well-being approach. It rather discusses the future evolutions of corporate well-being. It talks more about the why than the how.


For business leaders and HR managers who want to explore the future of corporate well-being


Corporate well-being will increasingly become important for companies and their employees. It is even likely that corporate well-being becomes a very important market for digital health solutions.


The keynote looks forward to the increasing importance of corporate well-being. It will highlight the WHY of this evolution, and explain HOW each and every company might have to incorporate this into their business and employee strategy.

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Christophe Jauquet is an internationally recognised author & keynote speaker. He is a visionary at the intersection of health, marketing and technology who captivates his audience with persuasive yet actionable stories. Christophe has spoken in over 25 countries and to industries that vary from healthcare to consumer business, from finance to the travel, car, retail and real estate industry.

Christophe is the author of the Healthusiasm book, writes a popular 2-weekly newsletter on future scenarios and hosts a globally popular podcast on the US-based 'Shift Forward Health' Channel. He is a visionary who has been quoted by Deloitte in their 2022 Global Life Sciences Outlook and is often featured as guest writer on renown websites such as Healthcare Transformers by Roche.

Before starting his own business, Christophe held various roles as an intrapreneur at Pfizer Inc., for which he has been recognised with several global innovation awards. Later, he further developed his expertise by working with pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Takeda & GSK, and Consumer Brands like L'Oreal, Nestlé & Pepsi. Today, Christophe Jauquet inspires business leaders about the future of business in this health-conscious world. He has designed several innovation tools to implement his vision efficiently. This man is on a mission to make the world a healthier & happier place, one business strategy at a time.

Christophe Jauquet

Health marketeer on a mission to make the world healthy & happy.

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