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Start to meditate

Taster session for active professionals

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One of the most effective ways of learning about the potential benefits of training your mind is through the taster session “Start to meditate for active professionals”.

During this taster session, which is ca. 1,5 hours in length, you will be introduced to the idea of meditation and to some of the scientific research that supports its effectiveness. You will also gain some insights into dealing with stressful situations.

You will be introduced to a few practical exercises that give an experiential flavor of meditation and we like to leave participants with some valuable tips and tools that they can use with great effect in the course of the working day to :

  • manage their stress for more well-being and overall work and life satisfaction,

  • raise their resilience for better mental clarity and physical immunity,

  • develop mental agility to better cope with change,

  • stay focused and balanced and on task to be more productive,

  • regulate their emotions and gain better emotional stability

The presentation is interspersed with short guided exercises and ‘on-the-go’ meditations.

This session can be delivered to small groups in a ‘workshop setting’ or to a large audience in-company.

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“Fascinating and inspiring, instructive and full of enthusiasm. Florence understands the art of captivating an audience. Amazingly well brought, she anticipated the topics that matters to us ” according to a happy customer. 

Florence’s talks are based on 25 years of combined experience in the world of the Internet and digital media and mental well-being in the workplace. She held various roles in Sales & Marketing within the internet sector and worked for The Reference, ONE Agency, Dear Media and Duval Union Consulting (now Scopernia). Simultaneously, she delved into health sciences and was a certified mindfulness trainer for years. She was one of the core members of Better Minds at Work during several years. 

Today, she is Managing Partner of the speakers' bureau Speakersbase, which she co-founded amidst the COVID pandemic. Florence Pérès is the author of the reference work 'Digital Detox’ (Lannoo) and published 'Survivalgids voor tijden van verandering' (Lannoo Campus, 31/10/2023) and 'Survivalguide for times of change' (Lannoo Campus, available as of 15/12/2023). 

Expect passion, inspiration, interaction, evidence-based insights, practical tips & tools and a certain entertainment level during her presentations. Her keynotes are seamlessly delivered in Dutch, French, and English. Visit

Florence Pérès

Author, enthusiastic speaker and expert in coping with change, adaptive resilience, digital balance and focus.

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