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Sleep Samurai

Learn to sleep deeply and "faster" and make this the tool for your health, growth and happiness

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Sleep is the basis of optimal emotional balance, health and growth. The key ingredients for vitality, safety and enjoyment of life. You may think, "I sleep well, don't I?" or "It can't get any better!". Due to stress and changing working hours, chances are you are (unconsciously) sleep deprived. Studies show that 4 hours of sleep deprivation makes you perform like you are drunk. An employee with sleep deprivation costs a company €34,816 a year! Improving sleep means preventively ensuring health, growth and safety. Sleep helps you balance and makes you make better decisions.

By applying neuroscientific knowledge and his drum skills Leo teaches you how to use sleep as a tool to achieve all your goals. You become truly inspired and driven to actually apply the knowledge and skills you are handed:

  • You have received groundbreaking information about the power of sleep and rest. 

  • You have discovered practical tools that you can use to immediately improve the quality of your sleep. 

  • You know & understand the sleep process including all the facts and fables surrounding sleep. 

  • You know what you can do to sleep more effectively. 

  • You can use sleep for resilience against stress. 

  • You can use sleep for optimal decision-making around and during incidents. 

  • You will go home with the ultimate sleep checklist with tips and tricks.

Interactive, informative and entertaining. Every question you have about sleep is discussed and answered.

Also available in workshop format.

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Leo van Woerden is a neuroscientist and sleep expert who has dedicated his life to (helping) understand the human brain. He has developed products and techniques for an optimal state of mind, focus, energy and sleep. With which your health and development will be optimized.

Leo comes from a family of six children and is the son of doctors. He was always bursting with energy. In high school, he played drums in a band and could not concentrate well on anything else. One of the first in his generation, he was diagnosed with ADHD, which sparked his interest in human biology. He wanted to learn more about how people function and how to optimize it. When he started studying neuroscience at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, he learned that people are the way they are mainly because of how they have been shaped in their lives. It turns out you can get ADHD symptoms from sleep deprivation. The way you shape yourself is largely up to you and this is where you can take control.

Leo helps you with personal insight and combines this with neuroscience knowledge. So you can take control over your health by controlling your behaviour, nutrition and environment. Leo has in depth knowledge of the brain, sleep, nutrition and plant extracts, minerals and vitamins. He has developed supplements from natural ingredients. Nutrition tailored to the needs of our western brain.

This is why Leo has made it his mission to combine his positive energy along with his neuroscience knowledge and drumming skills in his workshops, lectures and trainings. Through his entertaining way of presenting, you get a particularly effective "neuroscience crash course." He connects, helps you take control, and gets you driven to make those lasting changes.

Leo van Woerden

Son of doctors, misdiagnosed with ADHD. Leo is a neuroscientist, speaker, coach, consultant and trainer. Giving neuroscience crash-courses using his drums.

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