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Presenting with impact

An overall approach with impact. You make your first impression in the first 7 seconds. But then you haven't said much yet.

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This program combines the strength of three powerful women: 

Lisbeth Imbo, Mirabel Hoys and Niki Sermon

They each highlight an aspect of what makes up a winning presentation. We guide you mentally and concretely from the moment you enter until you leave the room. 

We give you insight in how to build your story, how to develop a powerpoint and how to give a presentation. 

In our interactive workshops you are in the spotlight. After all, practicing is the best way to grow! With a camera recording as a mirror, great tips & tricks based on our expertise and constructive feedback from the group, we challenge you to get the best out of yourself and to grow. 

We do this in three clear steps:

  1. Initiation at an event or team building to give your team a taste of the different skills to give a top presentation.

  2. Full day workshop in group covering all aspects of presenting. We start with a camera training, go over our best tips and tricks and practice with you. We watch and listen to each other and learn how to give feedback in order to grow. At the end of the day we evaluate your growth process and give you personal tips and development points. 

  3. Pitching to a major investor, speaking at a conference or preparing for an important board meeting? We personally guide you in all aspects and on the basis of your own material. Or if you want to work on a specific skill, we will be happy to help you with that. 

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