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My entrepreneurial bumpy journey

“Don’t dream it be it” – why and how Brecht tackled presenteïsm and left my golden cage

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“Don’t dream it be it” – why and how Brecht tackled presenteïsm and left my golden cage. 

  • “When you’re living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves” (S. Marabol) 

  • “A burning passion coupled with absolute detachment is the key to all success” (Mahatma Ghandi)   

Work-life integration: Brecht's lessons learned to a lifetime happier and healthier existence 

  • Flight of the falcon – the power of slow-motion #pauzeprinciple  Right people on your bus on the right seat, wrong people of your bus 

  • Manipulator vs motivator – the importance of self-knowledge 

  • Authenticity above all 

  • O,0000000…0% compromises on top-end quality service level

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For more than 10 years Brecht Buysschaert has been active in several international companies and held various management positions. In 2014 he founded Springbok health coaching at work and today Brecht is a frequently asked keynote speaker because of his authentic and energetic approach in storytelling.
With the experience and know-how from Springbok (2014-2020) in over 100 company-cases, several expert Master trainings on health and well-being (UK, USA), inspiration health and well-being tours to The Netherlands (futureproof workplaces) and Danmark (hygge at work) combined with the knowledge from the conversations with lots of subject matter experts during his #walkyourtalks (podcasts), he now inspires many (future) leaders and organisations towards whealthy workplaces with tons of his positivity.

Brecht Buysschaert

Workplace Health and Well-being champ with a dream to make the world a better place by creating Whealthy Workplaces.

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