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Metaverse, has the future caught up with us?

Will those who have not yet joined the Metaverse miss out on potentially great opportunities?

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What still seems like a children's game to many, is already a harsh reality for millions of creators of this new universe.    

These hyperreal alternative worlds, in which we can live, work and learn, combine technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, video and 3D holographic avatars with NFLs and blockchain.   Bringing these new digital innovations together creates unprecedented combinations that offer possibilities beyond our imagination.   

Will we all soon be entering this virtual world with the MetaHuman creator, digital contact lenses or even brain implants? What can the Metaverse mean for my organisation? How should I as a parent or business owner react to a world where the boundaries of virtual and real seem to merge?   

These are just some of the questions that will be addressed in this thought-provoking but inspiring keynote will be tailored to the audience and can be given along with sections from keynotes such as "What can we learn from children to create the future of work?" or "LearnScapes, EdTech, MarkTech whatever Tech?".


Katja Schipperheijn is an internationally recognised author, learning strategist, guest lecturer and keynote speaker on innovations that supports learning and knowledge sharing from the symbiosis of man and machine to achieve sustainable growth with a focus on engagement and well-being.

As an author, Katja gained international fame with her inspiring book Learning Ecosystems in which she does not shy away from hypes such as the Metaverse nor does she support old dogmas about learning and learning strategies. Often provocative, she offers insights and tools that support a future-oriented strategy to grow from continuous improvement, together with employees, the organisation and society.

Besides her experience with multinationals, learning institutions and start-ups, Katja is also a philanthropist as founder of sCooledu and author of Digitale Burgertjes. More than 15,000 children have already participated in workshops about the future and the increasingly virtual world.

Katja Schipperheijn

Internationally recognized learning strategist, author and keynote speaker. Growth and well-being in a human-machine symbiosis.

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