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Marketing & generational shifts

How this gen Z fundamentally changes organizations.

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Learn what Gen Z and other generations desire from companies today to better understand your next customer and employee.

Companies with a true purpose, and excellent and insightful customer care are winning in the market.

Marketing needs to take the lead in a different, honest, and transparent approach towards their clients and deliver a customer experience that is no longer based on transactional relationships but on collaboration, agility, reliability and empathy. 

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As an international keynote speaker, author and seasoned brand consultant, Isabel helps companies pivot toward a caring, sustainable, and impactful business strategy. The CARE strategic framework helps organizations transform with CARE, an acronym that stands for collaboration, agility, reliability, and empathy. Verstraete gives guest lectures with the CARE Principles at reputed universities such as Vlerick, Nyenrode, TU Delft or VU University in Amsterdam. Isabel researched during the pandemic how certain companies deal better with a crisis and discovered there is a pattern behind their success. She wrote a book about it called: ‘Does your brand care? Building a better world with the C A R E Principles.’ The C A R E Principles urges companies to place CARE for people and the planet at the core of the business strategy. Applying the CARE Principles starts internally by taking better CARE of your employees. The strategic model extends to clients, stakeholders, and CARE for the planet and taps into the ESG strategies.

Isabel Verstraete

Speaker, workshops, brand strategy expert, and author

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