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Grasping the exponential power of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative technologies of our time, and it is changing the way we do business.

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AI is transforming the fields of marketing, innovation, sales, and customer service, providing highly efficient tools and enabling personalized strategies.

However, embracing AI is not just about investing in technology. It's about embracing the 3P's: how will this impact people, processes, and the choice of platforms?

“Humans will not be replaced by AI. 

Humans will be replaced by other humans using AI.” How do you enable people for the 'Man-Machine Collaboration' age?

We must look beyond the hype and embrace AI to stay competitive in the market. If done well, we can leverage AI to create a better future for ourselves, our businesses, and our world.

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Dado is a founding partner at the transformation advisory firm Scopernia, and co-founder of startups Social Seeder and Speakersbase, giving more than 100 speeches a year on topics as digital transformation, innovation and ecosystem thinking. Dado studied Communication & Computer Sciences at the University of Ghent and is a published author of 3 business books: "Digital Transformation" (2014) with Jo Caudron, "Corporate Venturing" (2018) with Omar Mohout and "Metasystems" (2020) with Nils van Dam. Dado actively helps organisations with their innovation vision and strategy. As a member of the strategy committee of leading fashion group Chalhoub Group in Dubai he often spends time in the Middle East and Asia.

Dado Van Peteghem

Leading expert in the digital sector, frequent speaker, author and entrepreneur.

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