Gen Z and insights into future generations

How this generation fundamentally changes organizations.

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Gen Z is born after 1996 and 70% of this generation is involved in social or political engagement. 

They not only have different demands for employers, but are also pushing brands to better the world. 

Get inspired by Isabel and dive deep into Gen Z and  other future generations to understand your next  customer and employee. 

Based on global research and fueled with examples of brands who cater for this value driven generation,  Isabel inspires you and makes you understand why you should shift the way you to do business. 

Focus on collaboration, agility, reliability and empathy and get ready for the next generations!


Isabel Verstraete worked both on the corporate side of the fence as on agency side in France, The Netherlands, and her home country Belgium. Her biggest driver in her job has always been the ability to help brands.

Since 2011 she runs her own strategy consultancy and has been leading strategic assignments in brand strategy, marketing, and product innovation.

During the pandemic, she wrote a book called ‘Does your brand care? Building a better world with the Care Principles.’ The Care Principles is a strategic framework that helps companies grow in a caring and sustainable way.

You can book Isabel as an inspirational keynote speaker or as a strategic sparring partner. The Care Principles strategic toolkit helps companies create a positive impact on people and planet.

Isabel Verstraete

Inspirational keynote speaker and strategic sparring partner for companies who want to grow their business but understand that they need to do that in a different way to remain relevant in this fast changing world.

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