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Will technology help us bridge the skill gaps or will it be the catalyst that widens the gap?

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This keynote takes you into the world of new innovations that support learning, personal and organizational growth. You will be forced to reflect on the impact of human-centric innovations and ethics. We learn how technology in a human-machine symbiosis should help us to be more human as the world becomes more virtual.   

The future is now and delaying innovation makes no sense. This keynote helps to understand an opportunity-based approach to innovation as opposed to a problem-based approach.  It is the ideal starting point for organisations that want to bet on new technology from a holistic approach. 

Involvement of all stakeholders is the only way that innovation can land in an agile organisation.  This involvement implies that knowledgeable employees support the implementation. In addition, the transformation must support and anticipate the skill gap of employees.   

Technology is never the answer, people are. This keynote can be part of an executive workshop on transformation around human capital and technology.


Katja Schipperheijn is an internationally recognized learning strategist, consultant, author and keynote speaker on learning and engagement in the connected world. Her area of expertise focuses on the symbiosis of people and technology to achieve sustainable growth based on commitment and well-being.

In 2018 she published Little Digital Citizens to support educators and parents in guiding children in an increasingly virtual world. Her recent book The learnScape, Learning as Oxygen for the Nimble Organization is thought provoking. It focuses on the symbiosis of human and machines to make organizations grow from human talent.

Katja has more than 15 years of experience with multinationals, learning institutes and start-ups. Besides her work in corporate settings Katja reached over 15.000 children who attended her workshops on digital citizenship and well-being.

Katja Schipperheijn

Internationally recognized learning strategist, author and keynote speaker. Growth and well-being in a human-machine symbiosis.

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