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Today more than ever, people want to be(come) the best version of themselves. 

As they turn to companies and brands to help them with this aspiration, marketing became aspirational again. 

Business almost becomes a new form of activism.  Incite your team with this 60-minute (online) inspiration and discussion.  


Christophe is a health expert working at the intersection of marketing, technology and customer-centricity. He spent a major part of his career as a business manager within the pharmaceutical business, during which he has been recognized with several innovation awards.

The past +7 years, he advised companies and brands from different types of industries on their health strategy. His expertise has been built up by working together with care institutions, physicians & patients, startups and corporations. This unique combination of healthcare knowledge and consumer insights have been bundled in his book called “Healthusiasm”, explaining why every business will be(come) a health business.

Christophe Jauquet

Health marketeer on a mission to make the world healthy & happy.

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