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Boost your (physical) energy!

How to stay energized throughout your (working) day

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With increasingly busy lives, many people regularly find themselves feeling tired and drained. Studies found that total lost productive time averaged 5.6 hours per week for workers with fatigue. If the tiredness you’re experiencing is lifestyle-related, there are lots of things you can do. 

In this presentation, we first discuss how the body produces energy, and then you’ll learn five scientifically proven strategies to maximize your energy in a natural, healthy way. 

+ Discover what to eat and drink to stimulate your energy. 

+ Experience the power of the breath as an easy energy booster.

+ Get a deeper understanding of the effect of movement on your productivity and how you can start moving more (today). 

+ Get more insights on the importance of quality sleep and regular recovery breaks to be at your best during your working hours. 

+ Understand the draining effect of stress and negative thinking patterns on your energy level and start working on a positive mindset. Becoming more mindful and finding purpose in what you do are essential. 

After this presentation, you will know how to stay energized throughout the day, so you feel fresh, alert, and active while doing all the things that give your life purpose and meaning. Start incorporating the strategies into your daily life now, and you’ll reap the rewards very soon. 

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Goedele Leyssen worked for 12 years as a journalist. An opportunity to go to India for a story about yoga and meditation changed the course of her life. Back home, she followed a training to become a yoga and meditation teacher. Because Goedele strongly believes in a holistic approach of health and wellbeing, she also trained as a nutritionist. Between 2014 and 2019, she wrote 4 healthy lifestyle books and started to give keynotes and facilitate workshops. Together with a US naturopathic doctor, she launched an online anti-burnout coaching program for high performing professionals. Goedele believes self-care is the foundation for long lasting success and happiness in life. Her greatest joy is helping people build rituals for more resilience and deep inner peace.

Goedele Leyssen

4 x author, speaker, yoga and meditation trainer, holistic nutritionist and self-care expert

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