A new perspective on your company's inclusion strategy

New insights on strategies that take into account how heterogeneous the world around us has become.

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In today's world markets and society grow more diverse by the day. Consequentially, to sell a product or service, renewal in marketing methodology is not recommended, it's required.

This keynote will offer new insights on marketing strategies that take into account how heterogeneous the world around us has become.

But what happens after you're able to attract diverse potential employees? You have to have an HR department trained to detect unconscious bias to be able to recruit diverse talents. 

A management team ready to define the core vision of the team. And a company culture in which new ideas arise, everyone's voice is heard and where the value of diversity is understood.

Now more than ever we should start talking about how implicit bias shows up in decision making, being it launching a new campaign or recruiting potential employees and what your company can do to prevent unconscious bias affecting its business/marketing strategy.


As a diversity and inclusion advocate and keynote speaker Mariam wants to help companies put diversity and inclusion higher on the agenda and help them understand the benefits that come with it.

After completing her Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences at KU Leuven, she continued her studies in consumer neuroscience. She helped various startups and organizations improve their marketing and visibility with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

She is also the founder and owner of the statement streetwear brand, KinArmat - female roots in Armenian-. The statements aim to start a conversation on topics ranging from gender equality and diversity to female empowerment. She was asked several times as a speaker to share her knowledge and experience but also to share the story of KinArmat and the marketing behind it.

By listening to the advice of a young and diverse woman, companies are offered a new perspective on marketing methodology. This will be needed if you want to attract diverse potential employees and become an inclusive company.

Mariam Harutyunyan

Diversity and inclusion advocate. It's time to start talking about your company's inclusion strategy from marketing to company culture.

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