About Saskia

As a Content and UX Strategist, I love preaching the gospel of better, more efficient and more effective content and UX practices. I got a lot of expertise from various projects for big and small organisations and invest a lot into my own knowledge and capabilities. Therefore I don't mind travelling to attent the best conferences or follow intense courses on relevant subjects. I frequently facilitate in-house workshops (at which by the end the room is entirely covered in post-its and print outs) or give in-house or public presentations.

If you're looking for someone who enjoys speaking in front of an audience, is opinionated and not shy in front of cameras or microphones, I'm happy to talk.




Dutch, English


Webdevelopment, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Content, UX Strategy, Content Strategy, Content

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Conference, Keynote, Moderation, Webinar, Workshop, Teaching

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