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Founder & CEO von Brainpath.de, Science & Art Nerd, Growth Pragmatic, Strategist. Located in Berlin, Germany.

Tina is CEO and co-founder of Brainpath. She led teams in startups, SMEs, international companies such as eDarling, Sparwelt, Rocket Internet / Spotcap, Chef and DeinHandy. With her Business Brainpath, she advises well-known clients such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, WDR, Burda, Mobile.de and many more. She has particular expertise in the areas of Growth Strategy, Product, UX, Research, Design, Brand and Marketing.

Speakers Experience:
- 12min.me, Motion.Lab Berlin, Germany, 2019
- Karls Core Public 2016, Berlin, Germany
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English, German


Growth Marketing, Neuromarketing, User Experience Customer Research Market Research Usability Design Thinking Innovation Behavioral Economics, Digital Business Innovation, Digital Growth, Growth Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup

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