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I'm a disabled vet from the US Army with two Great sons! I am someone that has spent most of my life in service to this Great Country and its people in one way or another. Traveling the World to do so, to include working outside the US as a civilian. Giving me a very wide perspective in a lot of areas. For example, being there as a civilian to watch the Berlin Wall fell. I have a piece I personally hammered off the wall myself, while Guards still walked the Wall in patrol. I did that and so much more while I was traveling the World working as a Lion Groom for my world-famous father, Larry allan Dean.
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Veteran Needs, Getting Veterans Elected, Vets For Elected Office, Problems With The Va System And Ways To Fix It., The Need To Combine Va Care With Civilian Can To Save Money And Improve Care!, Finding New Veteran Candidates, Why Vets Are Valuable To All Industries

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