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Founding a Global Health Startup: The journey of TripMedic

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Start it @KBC

Starting a business is tough. Starting a successful one, even tougher. This is the story of my first international business. A long journey of twists, turns, and pivots, that led to the eventual success of health startup, TripMedic.

Entrepreneurship is messy, frustrating, and full of ups and downs. It’s also full of joy, laughter, celebration, and exciting milestones. This talk is for people who want to know what it really takes to start a business: not being afraid to get your hands dirty, and diving in head first.

Wout Helsmoortel
Business Strategist

Wout is an Experience Strategist based in Ghent. He works as a Business Strategist at Bothrs and founded TripMedic, an international medical matching service.

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