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The Truth About Stress

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Hotel Le Chatelain, Rue du Châtelain 17, 1000 Brussel

Stress is the 2nd most common work-related health problem in the EU and 70 to 90% of all doctors visits are related to stress. The WHO predicts that by Protected content 5 employees will be at risk of a burnout and the cost of stress for EU businesses and society is €600 billion or a € Protected content year for each employee.

Stress is still on the rise and dubbed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as he health epidemic of the 21st century. Why?

But what is stress really and what can you do about it?

Let’s find out from one of the world expert on the topic, Tom Meyers.

Tom Meyers is an Osteopath D.O., Stress-Coach, writer and visionary in the field of health and wellbeing. He runs a private practice in Brussels and travels on a regular basis to give presentations and workshops on the topic of ‘Understanding and Managing Stress’.

His personal experience and professional insights have led to the development of the ‘Reaset Approach’, a novel body-mind healing approach and educational system.

In his presentation Tom will address the why, what and how about stress and inspire you to think of stress in a different way, as underlying ‘stress’ lies a challenge we’ve never faced before.

Understanding that challenge will give you means to manage stress effectively and become more resilient and mindful to handle the changes of tomorrow.

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International Stress Awareness Day Online Stress Summit

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


The International Stress Awareness Day (INSAD) 2017, takes place on 1 November 2017 and for the occasion I'm hosting together with Danielle Sax a FREE Online Stress Summit.

The Online Stress Summit is filled with inspiring interviews from experts around the world who want to "Speak Up and Speak Out About Stress," and share their unique personal story, experience or expertise on the topic of stress.

The other contributors to the Online Stress Summit are:
Carole Spiers,Chair of the International Stress Management Association; Dr Kathleen Hall, Founder and CEO of The Stress Institute® and the Mindful Living Network®; Nic Balthazar, film director, TV and radio personality; Karina Stephens, award-winning entrepreneur, author and chemist; Stefan Verra, body-language coach, TV personality and author; Drs Annita Rogier, psychologist; Dr Frank King, doctor of naturopathic and chiropractic; Dana Ketels, non-verbal strategic profiler and coach; Leo Bormans, global ambassador of happiness and quality of life, author; Cai Graham, coach and founder of Peak Parenting; Johann Ilgenfritz, founder and CEO, UK Health Radio, speaker; Prof Stephen Palmer, President and Fellow of ISMA, psychologist, biologist, founder, Centre for Stress Management; Garry Pastore, actor, writer, producer.

Insights gained from these interviews will inspire for life, and give a wide range of ideas on how to manage stress more effectively.​

All interviews will be put online in succession on November 1st

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