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Virtual Reality 360 producer

Monday, 18 September 2017

Syntra Gent

Every Monday and Saturday.

Technology is still a barrier for journalists, on the other side, the act of an audience engaging with media becomes a fundamental part of what journalism is. VR is not a new tech, it is a new medium entirely!

VR has the potential to enhance immersive storytelling by offering the audience experiences and environments that are logistically out of reach for most of them. By focusing on creating immersive worlds, we would like to help rethinking storytelling.

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New realities, new business

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Today, many publishers think they know what VR is, but often their knowledge is limited. There is huge potential to get it badly wrong and have an unsatisfying, not very usable, VR setup that gathers dust as a result.

Storytellers have to become audience experience designers, focusing not on the linear impact of the storyline but on how individuals will inhabit the scripted reality created for them. Sanoma really believes the future of storytelling will not solely rely on flat screens.

VR opens up a universe of story-worlds and VR creators have started exploring in all directions. Truly transformative experiences are in the making.
How will the audience react to situations once they get the feeling being directly involved?

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IVRPA Conference

Friday, 2 June 2017


Our team has been challenged to create in only 5 minutes a complete virtual reality story to appear online during the presentation. Will they succeed? Come to Vienna and find out!

Using compelling storytelling, visionary directors, and advanced VR production technology, our mission is to create VR that moves people, produce experiences that transform emotions, and inspire moments you’ll never forget.

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