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The top 3 concerns for remote leaders today

We asked fifty leaders at one of our customers what concerns them most about managing their team remotely. What do they struggle with now?

👉 First on the list is a sense of #purpose (red: almost a third)

👉 2nd Promoting #teamcohesion (light green)

👉 On 3, approaching and addressing an employee with negative #stress or #burnout symptoms (dark green)

The other 3 answers are equally divided:

👉 increase #trust,

👉 promoting #focus and finally

👉 increase #wellbeing among their employees.

It's not a coincidence that these are exactly the themes we cover in our

🔹 Online Inspiration Journey 🔹 Remote Leadership 🔹

where our experts cover these aspects together with your leaders.

Learn what we can do to help your remote leaders!

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